Rebecca Easley MS, LPC-Supervisor, NCC, ART 

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"One dictionary defines empathy as the ability to understand and share the feeling of another.  I define empathy as Becky Easley.  Knowing Becky for now more than forty-years, and working with her as a professional educator, I have never grown tired of her ability to connect with people, for her patience in active listening, and for her wisdom to share just the right bit of insight and encouragement.  Becky knows no strangers, nor does she see age, color, gender, or life's challenges; she provides a safe haven for sharing some of life's most challenging obstacles.  As a fellow professional who has served in the assisting people to reach their potential, I have perhaps turn my learning eyes and ears to Becky's profile for loving people but loving them enough to help them grow into a better picture of who they were meant to be!

- Brad Humphrey, Founder & President of Pinnacle Development Group, A Global Solution to Growing Human Potential, International Speaker, Author and Coach

If you are seeking guidance, compassion, life direction, a sympathetic ear and accountability to be the best version of whom God created you - who is the absolute BEST in their field - then you have come to the right place with Rebecca.

She has been my coach, counselor, cheerleader, and biggest supporter for almost a decade. She has seen me at my worst, and has guided me through some of the most tumultuous times in my personal and professional life.

I am a better person because of her. She is more than a counselor; she is a mentor, servant-leader, and one of the most positive influences in my life. She is what I call a “3 am friend.” I know I can always rely on her to pick me up when I fall and is always the first to sincerely celebrate life’s victories.

If you are lost, struggling or just need someone to listen you have found your home with Rebecca Easley.

Tom Green

Foxhole Consulting Group

Owner, CEO

Ms. Rebecca is such a gift to our community. When our child first visited her office, she sat mad, as any 13 year old would for their first visit. To have to talk to someone they don't know about things that upset them, was not something she thought would be helpful. Ms. Easley was able to connect and encouraged her with what she had going on. She poured into her a depth of understanding life that encouraged our whole family. And if you fast-forward ten years, that little girl is 23 and thriving. She now says "Tell Ms. Rebecca I miss her and thank her for being such a blessing in my life".

Linda Beeson 

I have had the privilege of working alongside many talented professionals in the field.  Among them, Rebecca Easley MS, LPC stands out as an exceptional mental health care provider who I wholeheartedly trust with patient care.  Her dedication, expertise, and genuine compassion make her an invaluable asset to the mental health community.  Rebecca approaches each client with a deep, genuine sense of empathy, creating a safe and non-judgmental space for them to explore their thoughts, emotions, and challenges.

Anne Marie Hernandez, PhD 

Clinical Psychologist

Living with grief is a chore.  It isn’t anything anyone ever asks for, yet it is thrust upon them in the most unexpected ways at the most inconvenient time.  No one plans for it.  No one trains for it. No one is truly equipped for it. When grief took over my life, Becky helped me see through the fog.   She helped me visualize a path through the wilderness by walking beside me, taking time to sit on a log along the path and listen when my legs couldn’t carry me any further.  Her easy-going conversational style allows me to look at any situation, find a thread of positivity among the negative and use that to pull myself up and continue on. She gets me unstuck without judgement or demands.  She simply helps me see what I know is there but is hidden from my view. 

Grief is not just a one time thing nor do we ever “get over” it.  Becky has helped me realize that traveling through grief step by step, hour by hour, day by day doesn’t have to be overwhelming.   She makes herself available much like a family member and walks hand in hand with me on each step of my grief journey.  When I take those steps on my own and share that with her she cheers me on and continually encourages me. I am ever grateful that God brought us together. She is the best. I highly recommend her!!

- Monica Ferris